The image tells it’s story!

I took this viewpoint in daylight, which featured a few blogs back, and later decided that I must return at nighttime to take the image from exactly the same viewpoint as before.  This image is the result.  The Harland and Wolff cranes have become an iconic symbol associated with Belfast and can be seen in the skyline from many different parts of the city.  But what does this image convey?

In the early twentieth century Belfast was an industrial powerhouse and the shipyard was a very busy place employing thousands of workers, this continued up until the 1970s but today it is a shadow of its former glory.  Yet the shipyard still survives by diversification.  In this image we see an oil rig being refitted and there is a sense of the old spirit of the Yard being revived, at least in part.

The lighting surrounding the oil rig communicates that activity is going on around the clock and the brightness draws your eye into the image.  The derelict ground in the foreground now ripe for redevelopment shows the contrast.  In bygone days the entire site would have been a hive of activity.  This is how the image works for me – every image should tell a story.


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