Londonderry 400

Londonderry 400: Plantation of the Walled City 

In 2013 Londonderry celebrates the 400th anniversary of the Charter granted by James VI (of Scots) & I (of England). Between 1604 and 1689 Derry received five different Charters. The first was granted by James VI & 1 in 1604. The second, also granted by James VI & I, in 1613, is universally regarded as the most historically significant because of its provision ‘that the said city or town of Derry, for ever hereafter be and shall be named and called the city of Londonderry’ to mark forever the association between Derry and the City of London which had ‘undertaken’ the Plantation of both the City and the renamed County. The third Charter was granted by Oliver Cromwell in March 1656. The fourth Charter was granted by Charles II in April 1662 and simply reiterated the content of James VI & I’s Charter of 1613 (including the name change).

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