Ulster Plantation Castles

Ulster Plantation Castles, evidence of our Scottish and English heritage.

Ulster’s rich tapestry of cultural diversity has its origins in the early seventeenth century Plantation of Ulster with its influx of mainly Protestant English and Scottish settlers.  Thus the Plantation has proved, in the words of the historical geographer Philip Robinson, to be ‘one of the most politically significant mass migrations to have taken place in western Europe since medieval times’.

The images in this gallery were taken by commission for a publication marking the 400th anniversary of the Ulster Plantation.

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Saintfield’s Market House

Saintfield Market House was built in 1802 by N Price. It is a two-storey three-bay structure. The pediment above the central bay contains a clock. There is a simple square louvred cupola. The building beside the market house was an hotel which was built at the same time.  Now serving as an Orange Hall it was first used as a Courthouse in 1804. The clock in the roof of the building was made by the Saintfield clock maker, Samuel Spratt. The iron gates in the three archways date from 1828.  The two photographs show the Parish Church on one side and the hotel on the other side.

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