Ulster Plantation Castles

Ulster Plantation Castles, evidence of our Scottish and English heritage.

Ulster’s rich tapestry of cultural diversity has its origins in the early seventeenth century Plantation of Ulster with its influx of mainly Protestant English and Scottish settlers.  Thus the Plantation has proved, in the words of the historical geographer Philip Robinson, to be ‘one of the most politically significant mass migrations to have taken place in western Europe since medieval times’.

The images in this gallery were taken by commission for a publication marking the 400th anniversary of the Ulster Plantation.

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Belfast’s built heritage

This is Cromwell Road in the university district of Belfast.  Now a rather run down district inhabited mainly by students and now more recently by immigrants.  The architecture and style of this particular terrace demonstrates its grand past, a reflection of more prosperous times.  When I consulted a 1901 street directory I noted that the inhabitants were recorded as accountants, engineering chemist, agents and a RIC Sub Inspector.


Many now converted into flats the interior of the houses will have been subdivided.  I hope that our city planners will have the good sense at least to preserve the facade of the terrace!


A casual walk around the streets of south Belfast reveal a wealth of material to photograph.  I remember visiting one of these houses over thirty years when I was a social security visitor, good to see the terrace is still standing!

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