Ulster Plantation Castles

Ulster Plantation Castles, evidence of our Scottish and English heritage.

Ulster’s rich tapestry of cultural diversity has its origins in the early seventeenth century Plantation of Ulster with its influx of mainly Protestant English and Scottish settlers.  Thus the Plantation has proved, in the words of the historical geographer Philip Robinson, to be ‘one of the most politically significant mass migrations to have taken place in western Europe since medieval times’.

The images in this gallery were taken by commission for a publication marking the 400th anniversary of the Ulster Plantation.

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Should amateur photographers do wedding photography?

Occasionally friends will ask me to take their wedding photographs.  My standard response on these occasions is to say that I am not a wedding photographer and they might want to investigate what a specialist wedding photographer has to offer as they will provide a more specialised service than I would be able to offer.
Having make this point clearly I am sometimes still asked.  The question is should I? Obviously wedding photographers will say that I shouldn’t!  However I take the view that if you explain carefully the approach you will take on the basis of what the couple want then you can safely proceed provided both the couple and the photographer have a clear understanding.
Every couple will have their own particular idea of what they want.  The couples I have undertaken wedding photography for seem to prefer a low key approach with emphasis on informality.  It is a pleasure to participate in these occasions on what is an important landmark day for the couple and I suspect that if you provided wedding photography as a business service you would lose this level of intimacy.  
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