Ulster Plantation Castles

Ulster Plantation Castles, evidence of our Scottish and English heritage.

Ulster’s rich tapestry of cultural diversity has its origins in the early seventeenth century Plantation of Ulster with its influx of mainly Protestant English and Scottish settlers.  Thus the Plantation has proved, in the words of the historical geographer Philip Robinson, to be ‘one of the most politically significant mass migrations to have taken place in western Europe since medieval times’.

The images in this gallery were taken by commission for a publication marking the 400th anniversary of the Ulster Plantation.

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The black & white print!

I am still in my monochrome phase!  By selecting carefully the right composition it can often be better to render the image in monochrome.  Some people print in monochrome simply because the colour version was weak; this is a terrible reason to choose monochrome!  So what am I trying to achieve?  The following image is Kilmood Parish Church, a five minute drive from where I live:


What I am looking for in a monochrome image is a good dynamic range from pure black to pure white.  I want lots of detail that will almost produce a 3D image, of course a photograph can only be two dimensional but you can get a 3D look!  In this image I was focusing on the headstone in the foreground, yet with a f4 aperture I was able to achieve good depth of field to the church tower in the background.  The right light does help, weak winter sunlight – a great time to take photographs!

Of course holding a 12 x 16 inch print in your hand is the real test, the computer screen does not do it justice and even less a Facebook posting ;-)

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