Robbie Burns in Belfast

Recently I was asked to take a photograph of a half scale statue of Robbie Burns which is currently on loan to the Linenhall Library.  As you will see from the photograph below cabinet lighting on an adjacent display cabinet made it rather difficult to capture, but the library staff were very helpful in finding ways to exclude the unwanted light.  The image here is was taken before blacking out the glass panel behind the statue.


After doing a little on-line research I found some information about the origins of this statue as follows:

There’s nothing too good for the Irish ” not even a statue of Robert Burns ” and it is not to be wondered at that the only public memorial to the great poet in the Emerald Isle is to be found in the capital of Protestant Ulster, Belfast.

In September, 1893, a number of the leading Scotsmen in Belfast, ably led by Mr. James Dewar, determined to inaugurate a “Poets’ Corner” in the Art Gallery of the Public Library, by presenting to the Corporation of the city a half -life size statue of the Immortal Bard. The statue is a beautiful and inspiring representation of the poet, and is a replica of the grand statue of Burns which adorns his native town of Ayr, by George A. Lawson, Hon. R. S. A. The pedestal of Peterheadgranite on which the statue rests, bears the following inscription: “ROBERT BURNS 1750″1796.  


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