What makes an image speak?

Having just spent two delightful weeks in Turkey I am now reviewing the images I have taken and this one keeps coming back to me as if the character in it is haunting me! Taken in the Izmir bazaar it is to my view a powerful image that sends out a message.  My only consideration was how to process it.

It was taken in raw format and obviously in colour, but I think that a monochrome version of the image is much stronger as the colour in the original photograph was distracting. Here is the photograph:

Izmir Bazaar

Izmir Bazaar

So what is my interpretation of the image?  The image is un-cropped and appears as it came out of the camera.  The blurred lady in the foreground is dressed in western clothes and laden with shopping bags.  Behind is a blind man with hand out begging and behind the beggar is a smiling Muslim mother carrying a child.

There is so much to be read into this photograph.  Recently I heard a photographer say that he doesn’t take pictures but pictures find him.  How true!

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