Looking for that picture!

This photograph emerged following lunch with a few friends in Cartin’s Mill Restaurant near Richhill Co Armagh.  On the restaurant wall was a monochrome print of this scene and I was challenged to reproduce the photograph.  The photograph below is the result.

The photograph in the restaurant didn’t have any people included, unlike my photograph. As I approached the cannon two young people walked into the shot and I initially didn’t want them in the scene.  However when one of them climbed on to the cannon I saw the opportunity for an interesting shot.  As I raised my camera he was going to leave the scene so I asked him to stay and he kindly obliged.

For me a couple of factors made the image, the unusual pose on the barrel of the cannon and the alignment of the girl, the boy and the statue creating a diagonal line seemed to work.  In post production converting the image to monochrome simplified the image and I liked the result.

The image was taken with a Fujifilm X Pro 1 camera fitted with a 35mm lens set at f8, 1/125.  You will need to visit the restaurant to see which photograph looks best!


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