Cathedrals and wide angle lenses

I have been asked to undertake a photographic shoot in St Anne’s Cathedral Belfast and thought it would be wise to make an advance visit to investigate what angles I might take on the day.  For the purpose of taking some test shots I took my lightweight mirrorless camera, the Fujifilm X Pro 1 which was ideal for the purpose, in fact its so good it would be great for the task ahead!

For places like cathedrals wide angle lenses come into their own.  Today I used a 14mm lens which is equivalent to a 21mm on a full frame camera.  The camera was set to 1600iso as I was depending on the ambient light.  The lens was wide open at f2.8 at a 1/60 second and the following were the results.

bradley-3991 bradley-3990

bradley-4002 bradley-3985

Getting into restricted areas for the ariel shots was just fantastic, you get a really different perspective.  The final image is of the Chapel of Unity looking through the glass partition you can see the reflection of the stained glass window from the military chapel on the opposite side the cathedral. 

As always the colour rendition from the X Pro 1 is tremendous.  Very little post production work was required to obtain these test shots.

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