Tips for a better image

Over the past number of weeks I have spent considerable time photographing buildings in Belfast city centre and I have picked up several tips that make for better image making. These are:

Firstly make use of foreground space.  Open space helps to present the object being photographed in a better setting and provides an attractive platform;

This means going into the city early when traffic is light.  Cars occupying a prominent position are a distraction and they also will date the image in a few years time.  Although sometimes it can’t be avoided;

Pay attention to the sky.  Invariably architectural photography employs the use of a wide angle lens therefore the sky will take up a fair percentage of the frame.  Making use of cloud detail is important to the image being created; and

Lastly the quality of the light is vital.  My friends are tired of me talking about the quality of light, but it really does make the difference.

Below are two photographs taken this morning of Church House.  The building is located near the centre of Belfast at the junction of Fisherwick Place, Great Victoria Street, Howard Street and Grosvenor Road. It was built in 1905, in the Gothic style, and opened by the Duke of Argyll.

bradley-5797 bradley-5799

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