There is more than meets the eye!

This is a photograph which I took, chiefly because I was intrigued with the jumbled buildings and skyline.  But it was taken while I was engaged in another project and I just happened to be passing this point.  I had virtually dismissed the image as soon as I had taken it.  It was only a few days later when I was reviewing photographs and shared it on Facebook that I realised what I had.

So what can we get out of this image taken in Waring Street Belfast?  The lines of the buildings travel in competing directions making the image a slightly frustrating image.  We can see the juxtaposition of different building styles.  The corner of the Customs House, a find period listed building contrasted with an assortment of 1950s, 1960s and 1970s buildings and in the background more modern buildings including Northern Ireland’s tallest Obel Building at 279 feet tall completed in 2011.

But as my friend pointed out, there is more to this image than meets the eye, in which he found the grotesqueness all the more beautiful.  To the righthand side in the foreground are modern down town residential apartments, while opposite is the Salvation Army Hostel for the homeless.  In short the image captures a cross section of architectural styles, some not so beautiful, as well as a cross section of the social structure in our society.


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