Lines in Hamilton Street

Continuing with square photography!  This photograph is of the corner of Joy Street and Hamilton Street Belfast; a Georgian terrace in the Markets Area, originally built in the 1830s, which was restored in 1988.  In this blog I merely wish to discuss the merits of the image as I see it, which also explains why I framed it as I did.

The image is un-cropped, I set my camera to shoot a 1:1 ratio.  The square format does provide a natural balance, but what attracted me to arrange the elements as I did were the lines within the image.  This was the key attraction.  There are two competing forces produced by the lines in the image.

Firstly a vertical force produced by the arrangement of the corner keystones in the building which forces your eye upwards.  Secondly the horizontal lines produced by the windows disappearing down the street drawing your eye in that direction.  The two diagonal lines created by the edge of the roof also produce a point at the top of the keystones.

Lines in a photograph give it energy and a force that creates a more interesting image.


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