Square format photography

Just within the past few days I have begun to shoot using a square frame, I have not done this since the days of 120 roll film.  There are differences from the more usual 3:2 frame perspective, equivalent to 35mm frame size.

In terms of composing the frame the first thing that becomes obvious is that the so-called ‘rule of thirds’ convention can be cast aside.  There is something refreshing about this.  The square frame offers a natural balance over that offered by 3:2 format.  There is less room within the square frame than the rectangular one which forces a more simple composition.

The eye moves naturally around the frame in a circular fashion and does not wander to the edges.  By choosing the right image and composition the square format can enhance the image and how it is viewed.

Here is my most recent image, which has not been cropped.  Taken in Belfast Harland and Wolff Shipyard the two cranes, known by the locals as Samson and Goliath, replicate the square format, assisted by the reflection in the pool of water.  If ever a photograph screamed for a square format it is this one.  Apologies for my reflection in the water, I did try to avoid this!


 I think I will be exploring the square format a little further.

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