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Out of nothing comes nothing!

I think most photographers have gone through the phase of devouring photographic magazines and drooling over new gear in the belief that a better camera or that new lens would help them make better photographs, wrong – making images is a creative process.

My own photographic journey has taken me down many avenues and probably the single most important influence on my photographic efforts has been the Canadian photographer David duChemin, it’s worth googling his work!  My interest in photography has been a life long interest, but it’s only been since 2004 that my interest became more serious and my approach more planned.  

Deciding to concentrate on photographing Ulster themes has been an important step in developing my own photographic style.  Having a vision was also an important step forward, so I hope my vision comes through in my Ulster Photography blogs. The missing stage is creativity, which most certainly is my weak spot!  

By being creative does not mean producing original work, but rather using your own particular vision to bring influence to bear on your work and by asking a different set of questions, other than the normal technical considerations, in order to achieve a particular result.

Now for the image featured in this blog, Elephant Rock off the North Antrim coast.  Taken in early evening it was shot straight into the setting sun which presented some technical difficulties.  But from a creative point of view it looks much better in monochrome.  It’s more dramatic and illustrates the unique beauty of this part of the Antrim coast more powerfully than in colour.  I wanted to show smooth water lapping the beach in the foreground by using a slow shutter speed, but not too slow to render the water appearing unrealistic.  To control  the brightness of the sun a ND filter was required.  

It’s not a perfectly taken image, but it’s a true reflection of what I saw and it creates the mood and atmosphere which I felt at the time. Recently filming for the Game of Thrones was undertaken at this location – you can see why!  Making photographs of what you feel is very different from taking photographs of what you see.

Ballintoy Coastal Shoot

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