Learning to improve

In the quest to improve my photography, I have learned that it is not about reading endless photography magazines, although informed articles can play a part.  Nor will acquiring all the latest photo gear make you a better photographer, although it too can help.  What is important is to keep taking photographs and to keep experimenting this alone more than anything else will improve your craft.

This blog site is primarily for my own purposes, although I hope you enjoy it.  Writing about recent photo shoots helps sharpen the learning process.  In photography the learning process never stops and being self critical and receiving feedback from others is crucial, so do feel free to criticise, constructively of course!

My recent obsession with Ballintoy has also been part of my quest to improve my image making skills.  Repeat visits also play an important, particularly in learning about light and how it changes and the effect it has on the final image.  So here is another image from Ballintoy!  This time retaining detail from immediately in front of me into the far distance was the objective and maintaining as much detail in texture throughout, including the sky.


So with less emphasis on photographic gear and the latest gizmo I want to turn the attention to the image itself.  Why do we take a particular image, what are we trying to say, and how have we tried to be creative?  In reality this means learning to see things in a way we have failed to in the past, to notice those things we have always overlooked, maybe because we have taken them for granted!  Perhaps next time experimenting with slow shutter speeds could be fun, we will see.

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