Reading a photograph

You may have noticed that I really like Ballintoy!  There are so many opportunities for landscape photography there and my often repeated visits always present new challenges. I have learned that staying in the one place for a while improves the chances of getting quality light, and helps developing patience that is necessary for better photography.

Assuming you have great light then we are left to concentrate in looking for mood!  Seeking out colour, angles, shapes and then trying to simplify the composition.  In the image featured in this blog the contrast between the basalt and limestone rock outcrops was interesting, the subtle colour rendered from the wet limestone rock in the foreground against the colour of the sea and the sky provide an overall balance to the image.

If you can read a photograph then I guess it works!  The image below seems to be made up by horizontal layers; rock, sea, rock and sky.  Within these layers the colour hues blend together in balance.  As I see it this is how the image works.  Maybe it reads differently to you!


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