Staying in the one place!

Recently I seem to be spending a lot of time in Ballintoy on the north Antrim coast, but then it is a wonderful location for photography.  This time I stayed for nearly three days and one thing which interested me was watching how light changed, even how clouds changed in look and how morning light differed from evening light.  Even during mid morning or mid afternoon  some pleasing lighting conditions were produced.

I came equipped with my Nikon DSLR gear and the Fujifilm X Pro 1 and must confess that all my images were taken with the X Pro 1.  The Nikon gear never left the bag, there is a lesson in there somewhere!  One of the joys of photography is learning light and how it effects the image, seeking out colour in the landscape and looking for the right angle.

bradley-3590 bradley-3616 bradley-3624 bradley-3527


The above images were taken between Thursday and Saturday, week ending 9 November.

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