Are you waiting for the right conditions?

A landscape photographer needs to have patience, something I don’t possess for most of the time.  However if you want to get that photograph that is above the average holiday snap then you need to do two things!  Watch the weather forecast and secondly wait for the right conditions.

This is what I did at Spelga Dam in the Mourne Mountains yesterday.  Thursday was the only decent day weather wise in the week and wet weather was to move in over night, which it did.  So the perfect opportunity to make my trip to Spelga and wait for the rain to move in. 

Arriving mid afternoon in what was a lovely sunny afternoon I waited until the sun was about to set when I was rewarded with mist descending, could not be better!  Mist and fog add atmosphere and this was what I was looking for.  The following images were taken between 5pm to 6pm.  The shutter speed of the final images were 0.5 of a second aided with the use of a tripod.

bradley-4059 bradley-4062 bradley-4063 bradley-4064 bradley-4075 bradley-4076 bradley-4081 bradley-4085

Photographs taken in mid afternoon would just not have captured the atmosphere I was after. I did stay overnight in an attempt to get early light in the morning, but the mist completely closed in accompanied with heavy rain.  Was it worth the effort?  

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