Photography in dim lighting

Strictly speaking photography in this church was not permitted, the use of flash would overtime damage the priceless icons in this place, so I naturally avoided the use of flash.  To ease my conscience I did leave a donation!  So how did I take the photo?  

The Byzantine Panagia Church in Lindos Rhodes Island

The Byzantine Panagia Church in Lindos, Rhodes Island

This is one occasion when the Fujifilm X Pro 1 camera proves to be very useful, its shutter mechanism is silent therefore you are not disturbing the peace and tranquility of the church.  It was quite dim is site so while seated I set the camera to full auto, the only occasion I have ever used full auto with this camera!  

The photograph was taken at 1/8 second, so being seated helped to steady the camera, the ISO was set to 1600 and I used a 14mm lens which was open to f2.8.  At full resolution noise is visible as it was quite dim inside and so long as you are not displaying the image at full resolution it works very well.

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