Perspective in Architecture

One of my photographic interests would be to photograph historic buildings, but perspective was always a problem which forced me to import the image into Photoshop to correct the problem, with the result of spending even more time in front of the computer screen.  A tilt-shift lens would of course remove the issue at the time of taking the image, but tilt-shift lenses are rather expensive.

However Lightroom is a great program which solves the problem in seconds.  Within the Development module the lens correction tool works a treat.  The following is the before and after treatment of Craigavon House, the former home of Northern Ireland’s first prime minister, Sir James Craig, later Lord Craigavon.

Craigavon House Craigavon House

 The improvement is vast and takes just seconds to execute.

The other contributing photographers were Rennie Gribbin of Rennie Gribbin Photography and Thomas Sewell.  Finally thanks are due to the Unionist Centenary Committee for making this exhibition possible.


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