Improving the image!

This photograph was taken from Scrabo Hill while walking along a woodland path.  The quality of the light was quite good and I noticed through a gap in the bushes a house and small lake in the distance beside a cornfield which was isolated by surrounding green fields.  The cornfield immediately caught my eye and the centre of the view seemed brighter as a result.  So here is the image:

ISO 200, 14mm 2.8 lens at f10, 1/125 shutter speed

ISO 200, 14mm 2.8 lens at f10, 1/125 shutter speed

Post production was employed to give the photograph that punch that I remembered when I first noticed the shot.  In Lightroom the exposure, contrast, highlights, whites and blacks settings remain as in the original image.  I did selected the central area of the image and applied +38 on the shadows slider and I also gave the clarity a slight boost.  I also selected the sky area and decreased exposure slightly to balance the rolling fields.  This was the only manipulation of the image.  Finally I cropped the image to a square format, the effect works to draw your attention to the centre of the image and as a result I think it makes the image work!

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