Never give up on a photograph!

The photograph featured in this blog is the ruins of Raphoe Castle in Donegal, it was the Bishop’s Palace and is located just a short distance from Raphoe Cathedral.  It just goes to prove the influence that the Anglican church had in Ulster, especially before its disestablishment in 1870.  The building occupies the high ground overlooking the Cathedral and reflected the legal status of the Church.  The Bishop certainly enjoyed the high life!

The photograph was taken in March 2010 and I remember being disappointed that the sky was so grey and uninteresting and the light flat; so the image has been filed in my computer and never used.  Recently you will have noticed that I have been toying with monochrome and I was pleasantly surprised at this conversion to monochrome.  For comparison I have inserted both images below:



The monochrome is a distinct improvement on the original colour image and the subject of the image certainly lends itself to creating that moody scene, a characteristic that the colour photograph lacks.  Couldn’t you just imagine Lurch the butler greeting you at the front door!

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