Using the correct exposure

Returning to my Using Flash blog published on 1st April, I have been asked for some further explanation.  The image below represents less that 20% of the size of the original image posted.  In this case the cropped image is shown here at full resolution and the point of focus was placed on the queen piece in the middle when the shot was taken.

The purpose for going back to this shot is to highlight the importance of accurate exposure to ensure that the subtlety of light can be distinguished and that the surface texture can be captured.  Note the faint line of shadow created by two slight sources, as indicated in the first blog the main light source was the stronger of the two!


So how was the light measured and the overall camera setting selected.  A light meter was used.  First of all the main light source was measured to the level determined necessary. Then the secondary light source was measured to ensure that it was weaker than the main light source.  Lastly a reading was taken measuring the two light sources together and this data dialled into the camera.  This ensured a correctly exposed final image.

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