Using Flash

I remember telling someone that I did not like flash photography and preferred to shoot using natural light.  In truth this was really code for I can’t take good images with flash! But these days there is so much technology to enable you to get it right first time.


As you can see this image was taken indoors.  There was very little ambient light and two speedlights were used.  The main speedlight was used at a 45 degree angle on quarter power and the second fill speedlight on 1/128th of full power.  The 85mm lens was set at f8 on 1/125 shutter speed.  This was the result; even the reflections on the chessboard were not washed out.

A Nikon D3, Nikon 85mm 1.4D lens, Nikon SB900 and SB800 speedlights were used.

Fancy a game?

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