Post Production Technique

I have never written about post production techniques before in this blog so this is a first! Over the past couple of months I have been reviewing older photographs, some like this one have been forgotten about, so it is pleasing to rediscover older images.  This one was taken in April 2011.  The image was initially disregarded because the tide was out and I did not like the electricity poles in the distance.  However I have given the image a second chance!

Strangford Lough at Sunset

Strangford Lough at Sunset

Post production of this image was straightforward using Lightroom 4.  To improve the image all I did was to crop out grass along the bottom of the image.  Secondly to give the seaweed in the foreground an extra stop of exposure and a little clarity.  The final step was to bring up the sky.  The water line neatly divided the image in two and I brought the graduated filter down to the waterline in much the same way as you would use the ND graduated filter on the camera lens and to allow for the over exposure.  The result slightly darkened the sky and brought out the thin cloud.

This is all there is to it, the adjustments described above were all minor tweaks to the image.  Hope you like the image despite my initial observations!

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