Colour or Black and White?

I am returning to a photograph that I took on New Year’s Day and which featured in my last blog.  Having viewed it in both colour and black and white I am asking myself which looks best.

Tonal contrast plays an important role in any photograph, but it is more noticeable in monochrome images.  An image with no contrast is dull and uninteresting.  Contrast can be subtle or it can be striking but with no contrast there is no photograph.  It is the contrast which helps to create lines and shapes that lead the eyes through the photograph.

The removal of colour can help the eye concentrate upon the important features of the image, sometimes colour is a distraction.  In this case the architectural features of this iconic building.  Now to the image in question, below are the two versions:

Titanic Signature Building

Titanic Signature Building

Notice how the illuminated blue line on the right hand side of the image is not so distracting as it is in the colour version, also the mood of the black and white image is very different from the original.

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