Print it big!

The various events organised to celebrate the Ulster Covenant have kept me busy.  I seem to have taken thousands of photographs and spent endless hours editing in front of a computer screen, so one image began to look much like another.

This led me to print out some of the images on an A3 printer and it is clear that viewing the printed images gives the viewer the much better experience than viewing the same image on screen.  One of the downsides of digital photography is that people seldom print their images and in years to come we will be left with a dearth of archival images.

With the photographic documenting I have been doing my hope is that I will have a body of printed images that will be a permanent record.  Nothing beats a mounted print hanging on a wall!

All images contained on this website remain the property of Roger Bradley.  Images may not be downloaded, reproduced, copied, projected, or used in any way without express written permission.

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2 thoughts on “Print it big!

  1. I stumbled upon your site as it was mentioned in the LinkedIn Documentary Photography group.

    I agree!

    In my photographic journey of self discovery, I too found the surprising difference between a standard print size and a large format print. On a lark, I asked my digital printing provider to make me a 16×24 image ,and when it can back I was astounded at how size of presentation is actually a part of the photographic composition itself and is as important as framing, lighting, angle, and all the other things that are happening at the moment of the shot. Amazing how the post production factors actually become part of the image and I now consider the photograph stored on the data card to be just the starting point.

    With the larger print I could actually get “into” the photograph and if my wife will allow it, I plan on almost all my images being large prints. That being said, there are some prints that I intentionally want small, so as to make the viewer get up close and personal and so as to create a private experience.

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