Our medieval past!

We live in a wonderful age in which technology and knowledge has reached a level our grandparents could scarcely have imagined.  Yet sometimes we are abruptly confronted by our primitive past.  My particular interest lies in photographing heritage sites and on my recent visit to Dungiven Priory I came across a Wart Well, aparently still in use from the evidence lying around.

Dungiven priory Wart Well

The sight intrigued me and the hanging cloths rags reminded me of Tibetan prayer flags.  The well itself was hidden in the undergrowth but on entering the small opening I discovered the well in the centre of a rock.

Concealed wart well


The Well Source!

The moss and ivy covered stone in the centre of the above image did contain water but I resisted the temptation to investigate further.  Upon later investigation I learned that local tradition has it that the water from the well contains a cure for warts and other ailments. The belief is that the afflicted should wash their skin using a rag soaked in water from the wart well. The piece of cloth is then tied and hung on the trees surrounding the well and, as the rag rots and disintegrates, so too does the wart, verruca or other affliction of the skin.

Well now there you have it; if you have any warts you know where to go!

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