Low light qualities of the X Pro 1


A quick visit to Howth Pier gave me an opportunity to try out my Fujifilm X Pro 1 at night time.  The image above was taken at Howth when I photographed these fishermen landing their catch.  It was taken at 22.40 using only the available light from the fishing trawler and the lighting on the quayside.

I used a surprisingly low ISO setting, just 640, with my 35mm lens wide open at f1.4.  The 35mm Fujinon lens is a remarkable piece of glass, all the Fuji prime lenses are very fast! Shooting at 1/60 second the camera was handheld.  You cannot really judge the quality from the above photograph which is just 700pixels wide, so below I have selected a 100% crop from the above image so as you can judge for yourself.


Even at 100% resolution the image is quite smooth with minimal digital noise, I have not used the sharpening tool in preparing these images, even the exposure and contrast settings have been left untouched.

What is there not to like about the X Pro 1?  It is providing a serious challenge to my Nikon gear; anyone what to buy a camera?


Portavogie Harbour

Today’s visit is to Portavogie Harbour, a fishing port on the Co Down coast which provided an opportunity to get the camera out.  I have been told that the job of the photographer is to simplify the composition in the viewfinder before pressing the shutter. However if you have seen the jumbled collection of fishing trawlers, masts, ropes and cables how do you simplify?

My approach was to look for colour, angles and lines.  I also noticed oil on the surface of the water and wanted to capture this.  The object was to show the clutter and busyness of the place, but in a way that works in the viewfinder.  Here are three images I selected:




The first image does capture the colour and oil on the water surface, the second illustrates the size of the trawler and I was intrigued by the rust and oil staining on the slipway in the final image.

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